101 Series:

  • The 101 webinar series will cover a diverse range of introductory topics, including a understanding which government agencies/regulations are relevant for your products, classifying your products, how to design an effective export management plan, export enforcement/site visits, considerations when exhibiting at trade shows, amongst others.
  • The 101 series is designed for those individuals who are new to export compliance or who wish to refresh their knowledge of export compliance regulation basics.
  • This webinar series will help you understand the jurisdiction of the USG licensing agencies as well as your company’s responsibilities under the export compliance regulations.

101 Series Includes:

  • BIS Introduction
  • ITAR Introduction
  • Destination Control Statements
  • OFAC Introduction
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (101 and 201 Series)
  • Deemed Exports (101 and 201 Series)
  • Export Enforcement/Site Visits
  • Export Controls at Trade Shows
  • Creating an Effective Export Management Compliance Program