2017 Export Compliance Webinar Series

Export Compliance is Vital to Your Company’s Success
Don’t miss out on this comprehensive export compliance webinar series!

From June-August 2017, the U.S. Department of Commerce hosted a multi-part webinar series, featuring USG and private sector experts who will present on a multitude of export compliance topics.  This webinar series featured topics germane for both the new and seasoned export compliance professionals.   Note that if you missed the webinar series, you can purchase the net replays of each of the webinars. 

Missed the webinar series?  You can purchase the net replays of all 17 webinars here

Who Should Attend?

Click here for an overview of the 101 series audience.
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Registration and Fees:

Missed the summer 2017 webinar series?  No worries!  You can register to receive the net replays of all 17 webinars at this page.


Questions? Contact Melissa Grosso at 860-638-6955 or Melissa.Grosso@trade.gov or Debra Denhart at 860-638-6950 or Debra.Denhart@trade.gov.


Please visit this page for a full schedule of webinars.